Service & Maintenance

Keep your washers and dryers operating in top condition with Best Choice Laundry service and maintenance.


Learn how trained experts ensure proper machine installation. BCL manages your laundry room operations, we handle all details starting with professional installation

Payment Systems

BCL offers customers a variety of coinless and cashless payment options including mobile pay.

Washers and Dryers

Choose from our new or reconditioned commercial laundry machines in a variety of styles.

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Best Choice Laundry offers the convenience and peace of mind of having laundry services completely taken care of

Equipment Options


Front-Load High-Efficiency Washers – Front-loading washers save water by using low-water levels in the wash and rinse. Because they extract more water in the spin cycle, they also can save on energy consumption needed for drying.

Top-Load Washers – Conventional agitator-style washers typically cost less but may use more water and energy.

Heavy-Capacity Dryers – These commercial dryers have a heavy capacity to handle bigger loads of laundry.

Stackable Dryers – Great for large or small laundry rooms, these stacked dryers conserve floor space.

Stackable Washer / Dryer Combos – Ideal for laundry rooms with space constraints, this unit contains both a washer and a dryer

Coin Operated Washers or Coinless – With front-loading, top load or stackable washers and dryers, WASH offers traditional coin operated machines and the option of mobile or card payment systems.

Wash in Cold Water

When you switch from using hot or warm water to using cold water, you reduce the energy needed for heating the water. ENERGY STAR estimates that almost 90 percent of the energy used when washing clothes goes to heating water.

We offer energy-efficient commercial machines from top manufacturers. we are doing our part to save water. Our common-area multifamily laundry rooms are proven to conserve water. A national study revealed residents of apartments with in-unit laundry facilities used more than three times as much water for laundry than residents in apartments using on premise common-area laundry facilities

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